In-Conferencing Monitoring

TSCM America provides In-Conference Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Monitoring for corporate and government meetings and conferences to ensure there are no unauthorized communication devices that enter into the meeting after the TSCM Sweep.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

TSCM America utilizes the most sophisticated highest grade cutting-edge technologies that have the ability to receive and demodulate “free space” frequency transmissions, telecommunications, and wired/wireless frequencies.


TSCM Surveys & Inspections

Evaluating your risk is vital to maintaining your business continuity, security and peace of mind, and the risk of electronic eavesdropping should be a big part of your organizations overall risk management strategy through our TSCM Surveys.


Eavesdropping Risks

The risks of a potential eavesdropping attack are huge and not only to businesses but to individuals whether it’s a fortune 500 company, celebrity, professional athlete, high-profile individual, or anyone who needs to have their privacy protected.


TSCM America Bug Sweep and Eavesdropping Detection Services

The Loss from Illegal Eavesdropping

Business and Personal Losses can be huge due to illegal eavesdropping
Methods used and identified techniques used to steal your business and personal information include phone bugging, GSM bugging, concealed video cameras, audio devices, computer network and computer monitoring.

The Risk

Risks and Losses are significant from eavesdropping
The potential loss to a business or personal client of a successful attack is particularly high and the cost of an effective counter-surveillance service is by comparison minor.

TSCM Inspection

Contact TSCM America for a complete TSCM Inspection
TSCM America finds that a high percentage of inspections can yield evidence of eavesdropping activity, or uncovers serious security weaknesses that make the likelihood of information theft highly probable.