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  • Corporate Eavesdropping

    We Specialize in Corporate Eavesdropping Detection and Electronic Bug Sweeps for Conference Rooms and Executive Offices

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    Is Anyone Else Listening?  We Can Provide Immediate Service To Sweep Your Offices And Conference Rooms For Eavesdropping Devices!

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    Residential Eavesdropping Sweeps – Has Someone Placed A Eavesdropping Device In Your Home?  Audio and Video Detection.  Call Now!

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    Corporate Office Bug Sweeps for Hidden Eavesdropping Devices – Executive Offices and Home Offices

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    Vehicle Sweeps For GPS Trackers And Hidden Audio Devices That Are Hidden Within The Vehicles That Seem Impossible To Locate!  We Find Them!

  • Top Rated TSCM Equipment

    We Only Use The Latest Technology and Have The Top Training of Government Grade Eavesdropping Detection Equipment

Highest quality government grade equipment specifically to address the threats of spying, eavesdropping, bugging and industrial espionage.


We have invested in the highest quality government grade equipment specifically to address the threats of spying, eavesdropping, bugging and industrial espionage.
Eavesdropping Detection and Locating Hidden Audio and Video is Our Business!


Everything from your telecommunications systems to your computer network to your boardrooms and company cars, nothing is safe from the threats of spying, but we are here to help you!
Bug Sweep and TSCM Services and TSCM Equipment


Each and every year billions of dollars are lost in corporate and personal espionage and the theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, insider information, legal and civil issues, and personal information.


Click on the picture above to watch one of our company videos that explains our services and technology.  We provide our services to corporations, residential, and anyone who's privacy is violated!


TSCM America is a full service professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (bug sweeps) corporation. We provide TSCM services and electronic eavesdropping bug sweeps all across the United States.  Protect your privacy and information by contacting us today for a free consultation.  We provide eavesdropping detection services for both Business and Residential clients.


The potential loss to a business or person of a successful eavesdropping attack is particularly high and the cost of an effective counter-surveillance service is by comparison minor. Same situation involving personal clients that are going through lawsuits, civil matters, and divorce.  Contact us today to talk with you about the proactive approach to performing a "sweep" to ensure you are not being monitored.

Company Videos

Review our company videos that explain what technology and services our company has to offer our clients. We use the latest cutting-edge equipment to detect eavesdropping devices, both audio and video bugs. We do work for corporations, business organizations, high net worth individuals, celebrities, political figures and anyone who believes their privacy has been compromised through unauthorized eavesdropping. Our services are requested by private investigation firms, law firms, corporate security managers, agents, and individuals.

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TSCM America
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Allen, Texas 75013
Toll Free - 866-448-3138
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All services performed are confidential and we do not disclose our clients. TSCM America does not sell equipment nor install any illegal devices.

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Contact TSCM America at 866-448-3138 or use our secure contact form on the website.

TSCM America will not perform any TSCM services if you are under criminal investigation.  TSCM America does not sell any eavesdropping devices nor install eavesdropping devices.  We do not give legal advice.

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